Hamelin Bay Jetty

Hamelin Bay Jetty, Hamelin Bay, Western Australia Hamelin Bay Jetty was built in 1882 by the M.C.Davies Karri & Jarrah Company Ltd to service the local timber mills. The company also built the Flinders Bay Jetty in Augusta to use during the winter months, as it was protected from the westerlies, the winds which made Hamelin Bay so trecherous.The original jetty was 600m long and was capable of berthing three ships at a time. The ships were loaded using steam cranes. The M.C. Davies Karri & Jarrah Company Ltd operated in the nearby Boranup Forest and the Karridale Mill provided timber for the waiting ships via a railway line. The railway (3'6"gauge) ran the complete length of the jetty, where cranes would unload the timbers directly from the carriages onto the waiting ships. Hamelin Bay Jetty, stingrays, Western AustraliaThe timbers were then sent around the world and often used in road and wharf construction. In its heyday the area was a popular recreational destination for the timber workers who would swim and fish off the jetty. M.C. Davies often held boating regattas in Hamelin Bay , providing some welcome light relief from the heavy work.

Today, only a small section of the jetty remains, a sad reminder of a once busy port.

 Hamelin Bay Jetty, Western Australia  Hamelin Bay Jetty, Western Australia

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