Boranup Forest

Boranup Forest, Karri Tree, Western Australia The Boranup Forest can be found in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park , 20kms from Margaret River in Western Australia's South-West.

The forest is home to the pale-barked Karri Trees (third tallest trees in the world) that reach heights of 60m or more. The Boranup Forest is about a 100km east of the main karri belt and is separated by grey infertile sand. One unique aspect of the forest is that these karri trees grow in limestone based soils where as in the main karri belt the trees grow in deep rich red clay soil.

Boranup is an Aboriginal word that means "place of the male dingo" and the forest lies in the land of the Wardandi (people of the Warden, the ocean spirit) one of the fourteen Nyungar tribes that live in the State's South-West. The Wardandi tribe's land extends from the coast at Stratham to the sea at Augusta.

Boranup Forest, Karri Tree, Western Australia  The Boranup Forest is a re-growth forest and is over one hundred years old. Maurice Coleman Davies was first granted land in the Boranup Forest in 1882 to establish timber mills. Given a 42 year lease, M.C. Davies established the Karridale Mill in 1884, becoming the most advanced saw mill in the colony. Two thirds of the land in the forest consists of jarrah and marri trees with the remainder being karri.

The Boranup Camp site is the best location to access the numerous caves in the area. However, before you venture off caving, you will need to contact the CALM office for information about permits and access. The office is located on Bussell Highway, Margaret River and the Rangers phone number is (09)9780 5213 or mobile 0419 902 540.