Blackwood River

Blackwood River, Western Australia The Blackwood River is the longest river in Western Australia's South-West, winding some 400km from the wheat belt region near Boyup Brook to the Hardy Inlet at Augusta. The Blackwood River flows through plains, valleys, farmlands and Jarrah, Karri & Marri forests before entering the Southern Ocean at Augusta. The Blackwood River takes its source from where the two rivers, Arthur and Balgarup Rivers, meet.

In fact the Blackwood is a continuation of Arthur River. The Blackwood’s catchment area (22,000 square kms) is the largest catchment in the south west of the State. The average annual flow of the river is 300 million cubic metres. The Blackwood River, like many rivers in Western Australia, faces several environmental threats including salinity, erosion and flooding. Between Nannup and Alexandra Bridge the river provides a popular recreational area for people to camp, canoe, fish, swim or picnic. Other popular camping spots along the river include Sues Bridge and Wrights Bridge. Bridgetown hosts the longest powerboat race in the world, the Blackwood Classic and the Blackwood Marathon Relay.The river offers a safe haven for many species of waterbirds including white pelicans and the small red necked stints. During spring the wildflowers burst to life along its banks.